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What are your fees?
Each project is uniquely customized, and each client has their own goals, needs and requirements. Actual fees are set after an initial meeting and presented in a short term phased approach so that more accurate estimates can be determined as to fees via a written proposal.

Why do you use a phased approach?
Since it is impossible to accurately bid on consulting projects prior to understanding what is all involved, Netmation performs all consulting engagements in a phased approach. By giving the client constant feedback, planned action items, and deliverables at the end of each phase we are able to provide accurate feedback to the client concerning labor estimates.

What is the experience level of your Consultants?
All our engagements we strive to have staff that is extremly familar with the type of work they will be preforming. Most of our consultants have over 10 years of experience in their field of expertise.

What range of services do you provide?
We can perform work with client companies in many different situations. Sometimes we work on-site as resident consultants. Other times, we handle projects off site with either local or remote consultants. Other times we are hired on a retainer basis to be used as an outside resource on-call.

Do you work nationally?
Yes. We provide all our services nationally to assist a variety of clients in various industries.

Mission Statement

To be the premier provider of professional and cost effective IT services. No matter how small or large your business you are of utmost importance. We don't succeed unless you succeed!

Free Consultation

Contact us today to setup a free consultation to discuss how Netmation can customize a solution for your business. Whether you require outsourcing, staff, or hosting services we can assist your needs.

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